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Future Professionals Time 2018

11–18 октября 2018, Мальдивы, отель Paradise Island Resort 5*

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Dear colleague!

We invite you to a unique event «Future Professionals Time 2018», a private forum for the professionals of beauty industry. This project is a new format of meetings. It's for the best of the best! For the most progressive, active and promising people. This is a meeting for professionals of the new generation!

The event will take place from 11 till 18 October 2018 at the Paradise Island Resort 5* in the Maldives. There will be a championships on permanent makeup, microblading and cosmetology during the event. The prize fund is more than $30000.

"Future Professionals Time" is:

  • an interesting training
  • a great opportunity to show your professional skills and get a reward for it
  • an opportunity to declare yourself as a speaker, to bring something new
  • your own vision of techniques, author's method
  • a chance to make new and useful acquaintances among colleagues in the profession
  • a rich daily entertainment shows
  • an excellent holidays in the paradise by the ocean

We have thought about everything necessary for you.

We take care of all organization:

  • transfer to/from Maldives
  • airport-hotel transfer
  • accommodation
  • full-board meals
  • information and training programs: speakers speeches, presentations
  • championships
  • activities
  • many amazing surprises and gifts for you

You only need to select your Participant Plan and join a new generation of professionals!

Book your participation in the Future Professional Time 2018 project. You can find more information about the program, contacts of the organizers and terms of participation on www.fptime.ru.